Welcome to my blog dedicated to my Elizabeth House Shop Talk Series. I have worn many hats in my life and continue to do so. One hat I wore for several years was as a shop owner. I had zero experience, zero dollars, and zero connections. The Internet and blogging were practically non-existent back then and shop owners back then were not willing to share. Books were too complicated because my questions were so basic (and almost too embarrassing to ask!). I had no clue what I was getting into and to be honest, I had some resentment that I had learned so much the hard way because I truly had no one to turn to. I swore to myself that if I ever learned a darn thing, I would pass it on to others because there is no such thing as a stupid question. I am willing to share my experiences as a store owner, consultant, buyer, vendor, stylist, and designer. Basically, we all want the same thing - to create, to learn, and be happy doing it. I hope this blog brings you a little joy in knowing that you are not alone and that there is at least one person out there that has "been there done that" who didn't have a clue and has lived to write about it. I love to talk shop and the biz of business continues to intrigue me.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Displays are coming!

Thank you everyone for submitting your photos for what will be the FIRST annual:

Elizabeth's Wants to See It! 
Creative Display Competition

I started to think about it and all of the nice emails that I received and thought how nice to have this every August. This "competition" is really a way to get the juices flowing, share with each other, and maybe learn a more about each other. 

It will take me some time to download all of the photos and get them sized and in order. Blogger and I don't get along well, so it may be several days or so. 

But in the mean time, I will still accept photos of any displays created in August and will show them as well. They just won't qualify for the prize. I believe sharing and helping others with inspiration is a great gift on its own anyway. 

And one note on that topic. I received a couple of emails from some very lovely ladies (and talented) that seemed to not feel as though their photos were worthy to enter, or they felt that their idea wasn't original enough because they saw the idea somewhere else and incorporated it in their own way. I have a couple of thoughts on that. First, I don't think there really is any such thing as a true original idea. I am sure that no matter how "wonderful" of an idea that I think I came up with in my own noggin, I am sure, that somewhere in the past, I have seen, heard, or came across something that planted the idea there in the first place and now I am just digging it out of my brain and putting my own spin on it. 

This is the whole purpose of the display competition in the first place! So we can see each others' ideas, get inspired by what we see, and take what we see and create, create, create from our own hearts with our own personal spin. That is exactly what artists do! You know how great painters will go "to nature" to get inspired and just be "one" with the trees and the forest? When they return and start painting beautiful leaves, trees, and flowers, do people stand around and point at the canvas and say, "Hey! That's not original! I've seen leaves, trees, and flowers before! That's fake!" Of course not! The artists saw something he/she that inspired him/her and put a personal spin on it, and not one single person ever questioned the originality of it. 

Take the photo of my watch faces. I took those today. I wanted to make a new ad for my contest to let people know that I will still take photos if they want to send them in. I always loved the photos of things lined up and have seen 100's of them and always wanted to do one. So that is not original. So I hunted around the house to find objects and before you know it, I have watch faces in egg cups. That I can say came out of my head, but the idea of lining something up in a row for the depth of field shot - no, not original. So you see, we borrow stuff all the time and I am the first to say right now, you all have great ideas from the pics you sent and I WILL be borrowing your creative ideas - after all, I only borrow from the best! :-)

Until next time....thank you again for being so devoted, so creative, but mainly, so YOU.

from my house to your house,


trash talk said...

Egg timers...I love 'em! Wonderful post and so, so true. Anyone who truly believes they have created an original, better get it copyrighted, trademarked and tatooed before I see it 'cause I am not above stealing, I mean borrowing ideas all the time! In fact...just call me The Copycat...meow!
This was such a great idea (and original) that I for one would love for you to continue it. It's bound to just get bigger and bigger.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Debbie you are the fast one! I was wondering who was going to "get it" first!!! YES - "egg timers" ! I laughed out loud with the Copycat - I am taking that one too.

Thanks for the laugh and the VERY quick wit.


Brushed By An Angel said...

Well, I didn't get it but now I do. Very creative!! I am inspired by so many, some I copy, and some I take what they have and add my own twist to it. And I do believe the highest form or flattery is to be copied!!

I love the idea of having this an annual event. I can hardly wait to see what everyone is doing.

summersundays-jw said...

I was so concentrating on the photo itself that I didn't even think about a name for it. Love it!!! It gave me an idea that I'll try tomorrow. If it turns out, I'll send it. See, your idea is already working! Thanks & I'm looking forward to seeing the entries. Jan

Glenda said...

Elizabeth, wish everyone who has entered your challenge, could read the e-mails you sent to me this last week. Your words have inspired me to not only create, also to remember why I create. My thoughts go back repeatedly to "The One who has passed on His trade to me." Love that, thank you! Can't hardly wait to see all the photos you have received!!!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Okay Jan, I want to see what you came up with - you got me curious! :-)


Elizabeth Maxson said...

You are too kind, Glenda. Maybe I will add it in my final post about the displays when I announce the winner.
Glad it inspired you - well - HE does the real inspiring - I just type out the words. :-)

Big hug

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